D.A. OF THE DAY – 3.8.17

WEIRD NEWS: Nailed For Hammer Horror

A dummy in Nevada is facing a long stretch of prison time after he pulled out a hammer and smashed open the head of a dummy — a mannequin used as a decoy to resemble a homeless person.

Image result for Shane Schindler

Shane Schindler crept up on the mannequin, which was covered with blankets and old clothes, and violently wailed away at its noggin, breaking it into pieces in full view of cops staking out the scene. The operation was staged because two homeless men had been bludgeoned to death in the area in recent weeks, leading officials to believe a serial criminal was on the prowl.

Schindler could be charged with attempted murder in connection with the crime, but he insists he knew all along the figurine was fake and that he committed no crime. Cops also have plans to charge him with possession of a deadly weapon.

WEIRD NEWS: Bro Boxed Over Briefs

A Florida man got in touch with his inner boxer by knocking his brother cold — for wearing a pair of his “borrowed” boxers.

Image result for Jeremiah Rios

Jeremiah Rios got his panties in a bunch after seeing his 17-year-old bro walking through the house in a pair of his boxer briefs. Jeremiah berated the teen and demanded he take them off, and he obliged — but tossed them onto Rios’s bed with “attitude.” So the 19-year-old suspect punched the kid, then grabbed a bottle of wine and slammed it over his head.

The victim called 911 after putting his brother into a choke hold and subduing him. Cops arrived on the scene and transported Rios to the hospital for a cut he received while punching a fish tank during the scuffle, then to jail.

WEIRD NEWS: Thief Can’t Drive a Stick

A serial carjacker who stole three cars in 10 days would have probably continued his crime spree if he had only been able to come up big in the clutch.

Image result for Damari Wayne

18-year-old Damari Wayne of Cleveland was arrested on February 12th after he carjacked an Acura. Then hours after he posted bond, he and a 15-year-old accomplice carjacked two more vehicles using a pellet gun. First they stole a Jeep from a woman and then forced a man out of his Mustang. But that’s when things got tricky because they realized they couldn’t drive a stick shift.

So rather than bolting and running away, they brought the owner back and ordered him to teach them how to shift gears. Eventually they got frustrated and ran away from the car with the victim’s cellphone. Police were able to track the location of the cell phone to a train station where they were ultimately caught and arrested. Wayne was charged with aggravated robbery and is being held on $100,000 bond. There’s no word on what happened to his underage accomplice.


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