D.A. OF THE DAY – 2.10.17

WEIRD NEWS: Jackass Sues Over Fall

Image result for KIMBERLY BONN

A Florida woman is suing a Mexican restaurant for negligence after she mounted a sombrero-wearing donkey statue and fell off.

Kimberly Bonn claims she broke her back when she slid off the donkey, which she’d climbed on to take a selfie. Bonn argues in her lawsuit that El Jalisco restaurant encouraged customers to climb up on the donkey but provided no steps or a ladder. But others argue that Bonn is the real jackass, and fans of the restaurant are rallying to support the donkey.

A Facebook page has been set up for the donkey, and supporters are encouraged to¬†“stand up for this poor donkey as he prepares for the fight of his life against a powerful legal entity who is ‘for the people.'”

WEIRD NEWS: The Trumpagator

Image result for ORANGE ALLIGATOR

An alligator really doesn’t need to do much to grab attention from residents of a town, but this one sure knows how to stick out in a crowd.

A small town in South Carolina is abuzz over a four-and-a-half-foot orange alligator that is apparently living in a pond. The unusually colored gator is described as having a rusty or sweet potato color, and has been spotted many times and photographed by area residents. Some have even begun calling it “The Trumpagator.”

The cause of the unusual color is unknown, although many believe it was likely caused by toxins, clay or even rust in the water.

WEIRD NEWS: Man Has an Ear for Roaches

Image result for ROACH IN EAR

Just one week after the world was terrified by the story of an Indian woman who had a cockroach living inside her skull, a man in China went to the hospital to have doctors remove one from his ear canal.

The 60-year-old man felt a roach crawl into his ear and make itself comfortable. He spent three days trying to get it out using tweezers and toothpicks, but the stubborn bug refused to budge. Finally, he sprayed Raid into his ear to kill it but still couldn’t remove it. So he went to the doctor, who was able to pull it out in just a minute.


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