D.A. OF THE DAY – 2.2.17

Florida man suing for false arrest

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You remember the Florida man who was arrested because the police thought frosting from a doughnut was methamphetamine? Well, he is suing because his mugshot is permanently on the internet and he didn’t do anything wrong.

Daniel Rushing was pulled over for speeding last year, and an officer mistakenly identified some white “rock-like” substance in his car as meth. Rushing tried to tell him it wasn’t, but he was arrested, taken in and charged.

Rushing is suing the city of Orlando and the maker of a roadside drug test kit for the false result when the officer tested the doughnut icing, resulting in his arrest.

The state re-tested the flakes found in his car, at which time it was apparent they were not meth. Rushing is alleging that he has been defamed by the hasty, improper arrest, that the officer did not know how to use the roadside drug kit, and that the kits have been known to be unreliable.

Caller To Fire Department Makes A Strange Request…

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It was a rather bizarre call that came into the Joliet Fire Department, but it was determined to be real. A girl called into the fire department, asking they come and rescue her friend, who had accidentally locked herself in a jail cell.

Interestingly, the jail cell was at the old Joliet Correctional Center, which had been closed for 15 years and was made famous by the 1980 movie “The Blies Brothers”. The two girls found their way into the facility through a fence at the prison, which dates ack to 1858. Then disaster struck, when one of the girls found herself locked in one of the cells. She was really scared, and so was her friend who called in the plea for help.

The Fire department rescued them from that jail cell, but authorities say they will both be charged with trespassing.

The girl who was trapped in the cell posted a video on Twitter showing her locked in the cell. And the girls have now been charged with trespassing.

Not The Best Way To Get On A Bouncer’s Good Side

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When Desieree Alexandra Estrada forced herself into Fat Daddy’s Bar in Gainesville, Florida on Monday, she apparently didn’t believe that the bouncers meant it when they told her she could not come in.

When one of the bouncers tried to remove her from the premises, she scratched him and bit his right arm. When another bouncer came to his rescue, she punched him in the face. This wasn’t a first for Estrada, who had taken a bite out of one of the other bouncers at the club. She was charged with trespassing and simple battery in that episode.

When police arrived, Estrada tried to convince them she wasn’t drunk. She also mentioned that her father was a lawyer in Miami. They were not impressed with either statement and charged her with simple battery, resisting arrest and trespassing. Upon release, her story had a little different tone. “I’ll take full responsibility. I couldn’t control myself, unfortunately.”



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